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Misinformation is a growing threat to the integrity of the information eco-system. Having a provable source of origin for media, and knowing that it has not been tampered with en-route, will help to maintain confidence in news from verified providers.  

We are building a list of identity-verified news providers, to anchor media provenance technologies like C2PA, in conjunction with media education and synthetic media detection techniques will help to establish a foundation for trust in media.

An alliance of leading organizations from the publishing and technology worlds, working together to create a process where the provenance and technical integrity of content can be confirmed.  Establishing a chain of trust from the publisher to the consumer.

Learn a little more

Misinformation has become topical.

As news and information leaders, we have an obligation to put in place defensive measures to protect the information systems the public relies on.

The Origin team has been working to define an end-to-end process for the publishing, distribution and presentation of provenance enhanced media.

This tamper proof indication can be adapted for audio, video, images and text-based digital media.

Our technical teams are working together to define the architecture and workflows for the Origin process.

We have working prototypes and are engaging technical peer groups to establish an industry wide open standard.


Technical background

The problem is complex.  The playing field is wide.  Media travels on many routes from the original camera lens to the ultimate consumer.

This is a challenge that requires technical teams in adjacent industries to align on an end-to-end process. Media creation, editing, distribution and presentation systems for audio, video, photo and text files will be augmented with cryptographic technology. Workflows need to be adjusted without operational disruption.

This takes a multidisciplinary team; technical skills combined with an understanding of media and journalistic operations. We have a great core team but there is room at the table.

Article - IEEE Spectrum 2024

Technical Paper - NAB 2023

Technical Paper - IBC 2020

Contact us

The Origin team is keen to hear from organisations who are interested in collaborating with us, either on developing our work or adopting it.

We are aiming for an open standards approach and for our work to develop and adapt as the complex disinformation ecosystem evolves.

We are at the beginning of a journey to establish technical trust in the integrity of media files.   Our intent is to create common open industry standards to do this.  



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